• 313,45 € 329,95 € -5%

    The Scala Rider Pack Talk combines the technologies Bluetooth and DMC (dynamic Communication network) to make you live a unique experience of group communication. The DMC allows the communication of up to 15 bikers at the same time (in conference) and each of them can enter or leave the network at any time without interrupting the communication. Use the...

    313,45 € 329,95 € -5%
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  • 80,00 €

    To monitor your motorcycle from near and far. Pager pocket which prevents at a distance from any déclencheent of your alarm Works with all alarms TG Warning sound and light Ringtone customizable Range 600 meters, depending on environment 1 year warranty Certified system THIS   In our pack : Eméteur Receiver

    80,00 €
  • 237,45 € 249,95 € -5%

    Monitoring Camera road Dash Cam for Motorcycle. CONTENTS OF THE KIT : 1 x screen waterproof : 92 mm x 53 mm x 15 mm, 2 x cameras to cylindrical, 1 x button handlebar priority check-in with built-in microphone, 1 x power cable-12 volt, 3 x extension cables, connection, Mounts for camera and screen.

    237,45 € 249,95 € -5%
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  • 129,95 €

    Keep hands warm even without gloves.The sleeves heated for scooters, motorcycles and quads. 5 positions of heater Temperature control Memorization last position Installation without modifications to the two-wheel In our kit : 2 sleeves heated Order the 5 positions of heater

    129,95 €
  • 49,95 €

    Kickstand mobile of parking and workshop, innovative in a vertical position Installation on trailer/truck Optimization of the space: the motorcycle in a vertical position without the stand Safety: Motorcycle without side-stand without risk of falling Practice: Facilitates the maintenance Ready to use: No mounting necessary soil (attachment) Competition:...

    49,95 €
  • 129,00 €

    Install a kit Xenon HID motorcycle and increase your visibility !For use on a circuit only. + Visibility ! Complete Kit ready to install Ballast is the smallest in the market Easy Installation and unobtrusive Life-span : 2500 hours   The kit includes : Bulb Xenon / Halogen Ballast Starter Beam Installation instructions in French Watch the video below !

    129,00 €
  • 379,05 € 399,00 € -5%

    Display remote Garmin Varia Vision designed to attach to your glasses*. Ultra lightweight, easy-to-use, to attach to the branches of your glasses to keep your key information in your field of vision, Displays performance data, navigation and much more information from your meter bike Edge compatible, Couples with a radar bike Varia to inform you of the...

    379,05 € 399,00 € -5%
    Reduced price!
  • 569,99 € 599,99 € -5%

    GPS watch Garmin Fenix 5S with turquoise bracelet. For all the adventurers, athletes and demanding performance enthusiasts, the Fenix 5S is the only watch multisport GPS of small size that remains elegant while integrating complete functions in all circumstances. The Fenix 5S combines the functions of a watch connected to it, functions Outdoor and...

    569,99 € 599,99 € -5%
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  • 28,45 € 29,95 € -5%

    Keep your phone with you during all of your activities. A shell Fitclic NEO, A mounting bracket with locking system Fitclic NEO, Magnetic closure and auto mechanics, Twist-to-release action on the lever on the support, Use of a single hand, Maximum safety in maintenance of the smartphone, Shell thin to fit in a pocket.

    28,45 € 29,95 € -5%
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  • 142,45 € 149,95 € -5%

    Bike helmet with headphones built-in Bluetooth Technology bone conduction.Sync instantly with your smartphone and 10 h of autonomy.Aerodynamic Design for good ventilation and good protection from the wind. Functions : Music, Phone calls hands-free, Micro wind-resistant, Voice Instructions of navigation.

    142,45 € 149,95 € -5%
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  • 569,05 € 599,00 € -5%

    This Scooter trigger this characterized by 3 words : Reliability - Stability - Comfort.Strengths : Max speed : 22 km/h, Good battery life, Foldable, Resistant to water, 2 years warranty.

    569,05 € 599,00 € -5%
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