Fire before Garmin Varia Light UT 800 with medium Helmet


Version all-terrain fire before Garmin Varia Light UT 800 comprising a support for the helmet.

The Varia UT 800 is a fire smart bike that illuminates more intensely and for longer. It has a power output of 800 lumens for an autonomy of 1: 30 for you to ride with confidence.

It automatically adjusts the intensity of the beam in function of your speed to allow you to extend the life of the battery.
The Varia UT800 has been designed to fit perfectly on your bike or on your helmet with a streamlined design and an ultra light weight.

Finally, you can control it remotely wirelessly from a meter, GPS, Edge compatible.

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Features :

  • Beam intensity is automatic,
  • 800 lumens,
  • Automatically adjusts to ambient light conditions, the speed and the profile of the bike trip, in order to optimize the autonomy of the battery,
  • Multi-use, urban, and mountain BIKING,
  • Low-profile and lightweight with less than 130 g,
  • 5 modes of brightness. Visible in daylight for over 1.5 km.

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